Patent Pending
WGAW# 1492255

1st Destination: Austin, TX
Date: TBA

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New Music Reality Show in the Works!

Hardway: The Band Project …      On Facebook… 

Genre: TV Reality  —- Available to Pitch now

Long time independent recording artist/musician Tim Fralik, (, and business partner, Brett Tynes, have developed a “Patent Pending” music reality show focusing on the whole band, not just the vocalists. The “Patent Pending” status of the show reflects a unique method of “building a band”, and reflects the creators desire to have a show that focuses on the total band, not just a “piece.”
Every town in America, and abroad, has great independent musicians who have yet to be discovered. Hardway: The Band Project will recombine these “pieces” into newly formed bands that will compete in Live performances over the course of a season. 

For more information: Please contact Brett at

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